Angel Fitzgerald came to LaCasa to use the IDA program.  She wanted to save money for buying a home.  The IDA (Individual Development Account) is a government-matched savings program used for buying a house, paying for higher education or starting a small business.

Our IDA Counselor, Joel Zwier, asked Angel if there were surprises or challenges along the way.  “For a while,” Angel said, “I wasn’t sure this was going to be possible.  My partner’s mom died and he was off work.  Everything was on me then.  But I made it through that, and finished the program!”

Joel asked how she felt about working with LaCasa.   Angel said, “I think it is a very good program; very helpful all along the way.  I really liked the Money for Life classes; learning how to budget my money and specific tips about things I could do to improve my credit.”  Some people choose to use one-to-one financial coaching through this program.

“I do not believe I would have become a homeowner if I had not worked with LaCasa,” Angel added.  “The match funds pushed me forward to my goal faster.  The coaching helped me to work on getting loans off my credit report, so I could afford more home.”

Joel asked Angel, “What might surprise people most about LaCasa?”

Angel noted,  “That there are match monies available for families that qualify, to help you reach your goal.” She went on to dispel a misunderstanding about LaCasa: “Many people think LaCasa is only for Hispanics and that is not true.  Anyone can come.”