Lacasa Employee Assistance Program


Land on solid ground with financial empowerment through LEAP, the new Financial Coaching program from Lacasa, Inc.

Finances Are Stressful. Find relief here.

You deserve to be financially stable and economically aware. Finances do not have to overwhelming or confusing. With LEAP, you will have support and learn strategies to help you make better financial decisions now – so that you and your family can more confidently enjoy a better  tomorrow.

In 2019, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation released a study showing that almost half of Americans didn’t have enough in savings to cover three months’ worth of expenses, and more than half said thinking about their finances made them anxious. This widespread lack of financial stability translates to instability in several areas of life. It’s a fact.

People under financial stress will be less engaged, miss more work, and continue to seek higher wages.

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• Manage life with the money you currently earn
• Achieve goals such as homeownership
• Build better credit and reduce debt
• Learn important savings strategies
• Eliminate reliance on high cost credit

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Preferred Method of Contact

Business Leaders

Personalized Financial Coaching for Your Employees

When you provide LEAP, you will offer an attractive benefit for current and future employees that will improve their overall wellbeing and impact your bottom line. Staff who are more aware of their finances and more confident in their future are more engaged in their work. LEAP is a financial coaching benefit for your employees that provides individualized financial guidance.

Using an online scheduling tool, employees can access their personal coach who will guide them through core money topics, create a personalized action plan, and receive follow up from their coaches for accountability. Employees engage at their own pace and comfort level.

With LEAP Your Employees Can

• Manage life with the money they currently earn
• Achieve goals such as homeownership
• Build credit and reduce debt
• Learn savings strategies
• Eliminate reliance on high cost credit

Your Support for LEAP Helps Elkhart County Thrive

Most nonprofits rely on grants, donations, and business sponsorships to fund their mission. LEAP is Lacasa’s Social Enterprise, which is driven by our goal to become self-sustaining while continuing our social mission. By adding LEAP to your benefits package, you allow Lacasa to reinvest the profits into creating positive social change.