Lindsey's Story

“What’s my next step? Where will I find a place to call home? How do I turn my dreams into reality?”

Lindsey’s journey resonates with many. Life’s twists and turns often lead to uncertainty. Thankfully, with the unwavering support of her parents and the guidance of Lacasa, Lindsey found her way. For seven years, she experienced one facet of Lacasa as a tenant at Arbor Ridge apartment complex. Determined to achieve homeownership, she took the initiative to open a Dream$avers matched savings account and engage in classes and coaching through the Financial Empowerment Center.

Collaborating with one of our financial counselors, Lindsey navigated applications and accessed subsidies through partner programs to purchase a new home constructed by Lacasa. In the autumn of 2023, everything aligned as she finalized the purchase of her new home, where she and her two sons now reside. Witness her inspiring journey below and dare to believe that dreams can indeed become reality.