Mission Statement

Lacasa works with individuals and community partners to create opportunity for personal empowerment, family stability, and neighborhood vitality.

Housing, Education, and Community Revitalization

Lacasa is Elkhart County’s organization for individual, family, and community empowerment. We believe that every family deserves the chance to build a better life through the acquisition of assets and housing that is safe, attractive, and affordable. Lacasa has a full-service Financial Empowerment Center which offers classes in Financial and Homebuyer Education, matched savings accounts and individual counseling for debt reduction, and goal setting. Low-income homeowners who need repair or weatherization work done on their homes can apply for Lacasa’s Help-a-House program. All classes and counseling sessions are available in both English and Spanish.

For All of Elkhart County

In 1969 area church leaders saw the need for safe affordable housing for migrant workers and in 1970, Lacasa, Inc. was founded. As the organization grew, Lacasa’s client base grew to include all people who live in Elkhart County. We are still connected to the many churches that support Lacasa and the hundreds of area residents that invest in their community through Lacasa. Lacasa is a major investor in Elkhart County with over 350 rental units, which include several multi-family rental properties in both Elkhart and Goshen. These properties provide affordable housing to families and singles who are looking for a rental that is safe, attractive, and affordable.

Core Values

Work Together | Respect Human Dignity | Pursue Excellence | Build To Last