Our Financial Capabilities Counselor, Joel Zwier, sat down with his client, Amy Yoder, and asked about her experience with lacasa.

Q: What impacted you in the time you worked with lacasa?

A: “During the Money for Life class we went over a worksheet that dealt with assets and I listed my assets.  I quickly realized I was doing better than I thought.  This helped me feel more secure in my path forward.  Another positive impact was the one-on-one coaching.  Learning to set goals and keep to them.  Disciplining myself.  Is it a need or a want?  Trying to be responsible with how I manage my money.”

Q:  Were there any surprises or challenges along your way to homeownership?

A:  “I was surprised about how much home I could afford when lacasa did the calculations.  But I knew that I was uncomfortable with that high of a monthly payment.  My biggest challenge was finding a home with 3 bedrooms within my price range in this market.  It took me 11 months to find the right place.“

Q:  Might you have been able to do this on your own?

A:  “I absolutely would not have been able to achieve this goal without the help and support of lacasa.”