Ruthann Tucker is retiring from the Financial Department at lacasa after nine years and two months of service: that’s very exact, as befits a Finance team member. She started under the title Financial Assistant; later, her title changed to Staff Accountant, although she says that the earlier title may have been more apropos, because she did a lot of things that were not in any particular job description. Some of those tasks were “making sure the natives don’t get restless because they ran out of coffee” and being our “printer guru.”

When asked how things have changed in 9+ years, Ruthann noted that her job changed: she took on more responsibilities, particularly in the area of tax credit financials and transactions. She has also seen lacasa change, adding programs, letting go of others. Ruthann said that being in the Finance Department gives you an interesting perspective, just from watching the cash flow. “Sometimes lacasa has had to scale back: we always saw that first.“  Especially in the years 2009-2010 (fallout from the Great Recession), she said, “We had to keep evolving in order to continue serving the community. Expendable or operational dollars have diminished. Lots of operational dollars are necessary to keep the lights on, keep the agency insured, keep our programs funded.”

When asked about her future plans, Ruthann says she plans to hibernate for the winter!  In the spring, she and her husband want to take their RV to Colorado to see their sons. “I’m looking forward to being something I’ve never been able to be,” she adds. “A housewife.”

Ruthann feels hopeful about the direction lacasa is headed in. “You have to constantly evolve. lacasa has always been really good at responding to change.”

It will be a big change for us to do it without Ruthann. We’ll miss you, Ruthann, and wish you much happiness!