15 Minute Guidance Call

Lacasa, Inc. is launching a new limited time free service to help provide guidance during this unknown time.

If you are looking for guidance on your income, upcoming bills, your credit health, or your loan options, then Lacasa can help. This 15 minute guidance call and chat provides clarity on the next steps and resources to help weather the storm.

Our Financial Empowerment Team can help guide you on a number of topics.

Topics Include:

  • How To Stretch Your Income
  • How to prioritize your bills
  • How to communicate with creditors
  • Protecting Your Credit
  • Understanding loan/credit options
Guidance calls and chats are free. Once you submit your form, a certified Financial Counselor will contact you, typically in one business day, through text or email to schedule the call with you. During the call, Lacasa’s counselors will provide the guidance you need and answer your main concerns.
Chat is available Monday thru Friday from 10am to 3pm.
We are here to help.
Schedule your call or chat with us today!
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