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Required Documents

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Please submit all the following documents for Help-A-House consideration.


Help-A-House application, completed and signed by all owners of record

Proof of Ownership

Copy of your Warranty Deed
NOTE: if you cannot find it, don’t worry! Go to the Recorder’s Office located on the Elkhart County Administration Building 117 N. 2nd St #205 in Goshen (Expect to pay about $1 per page. Most deeds are one or two pages.)

Proof of Income

NOTE: We need to see household income. As you review this list, gather these documents for each household member over the age of 18 living at your house.

  • Most recent Tax Returns including W2s. If you are self-employed, include all schedules.
  • 4 paystubs (consecutive most recent of all house members over the age of 18 holding a job)

If applicable, for every household member regardless of age who receives the following:

  • Current Year Social Security Award Letter
  • Current Year Pension Statement
  • Child/Alimony Support info for the last 12 months

Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance

Copy of Current Homeowner’s Insurance. If your lender takes care of paying your insurance, please contact your agent provider and request a copy of the Declaration Page


Proof of Bank/Investments Activity

  • Most recent monthly Bank Statements OR printout from bank (stamped and signed by Teller)
  • Most recent Quarterly Statements from your 401k or any other investment you have.


Proof of Mortgage

If you have a mortgage and/or home equity line of credit, please submit:

  • Most recent Mortgage Statement, showing your total monthly payment
  • Most recent Home Equity Line of Credit Statement showing your total monthly

Click here to get started.  Complete the application and include the required documents. Submit it to Lacasa.

Please note that the Help-A-House program IS NOT designed to tackle Emergency Repairs

Approval is subject to verification of income, availability of funds, and rehab/repair alignment with City of Goshen priority list. This is a competitive program, first come, first served.

All Help-A-House projects are completed within 6 months following approval, if funded.

The process requires a Credit Report check and Title Search. No liens other than a home mortgage loan against the property are allowed.

If applicant has filed for Bankruptcy in the past 2 years, copy of Discharge Letter and all Schedules are required.

Application through Help-A-House could be limited, postponed, or denied if applicant has previously received assistance from The City, whether from its forgivable or deferred program.


Help-A-House is an ongoing program that happens throughout the year. Volunteer groups can connect with us to establish a work day for their group. If you or your group would like to volunteer with Lacasa, email Megan Peel at [email protected] or call 574-533-4450 ext 21.


Help-A-House is made possible by the donations of many local businesses, organizations, and individuals. If you would like to participate as a donor please let us know by submitting a contact form or calling 574-533-4450, ext. 26.