Luke Woodworth

lacasa is thrilled that Luke Woodworth has joined our team as a Financial Capabilities Counselor. lacasa’s mission requires serious talent and professionalism and Luke embodies both. Luke is worth getting to know. We fit in a bit of our interview here, but encourage you to go to to get to know him better.

What attracted you to working at lacasa? I have great memories of working with lacasa as a youth in my church and other points in my life as a volunteer.  Their work always seemed to me to be very impactful in the community. You could see the homes around town being revitalized along with the neighborhoods around them. After coming home from PeaceCorps, I knew I wanted to try and find a job that helped to improve the lives of people in the community, and I feel that lacasa does exactly that.

What is your background? I have a degree in accounting from Goshen College and spent about a year working in the finance department for IU Health Goshen.  I then did concrete work for about 3 years before my wife and I became volunteers with the PeaceCorps in Costa Rica.  We were there for 2 years and 3 months working in a small community where my work focused on Community Economic Development.  I worked with a women’s recycling group, rural tourism projects, and helped facilitate different English learning camps and activities in the town.

Luke at his new desk

What are a few of your outside of work interests? Outside of work my biggest hobby is playing and watching soccer.  I also enjoy just being active and outside.  I am looking forward to being able to do projects inside and outside our recently purchased first home.  I am also enjoying spending more time working on my grandparents’ dairy farm near Shipshewana.

So far, what are you most enjoying? So far I am enjoying getting to know my co-workers and having a better understanding about the community and clients that we serve.

Are there any personal experiences that fuel your passion for this work? Being PeaceCorps volunteers in a small community, my wife and I became so invested in our local community and major issues and challenges that the people there faced.  In returning home from that experience, I knew I wanted to try and develop that same understanding in this community where I have lived my adult life, as well as help the community members face those challenges.

Welcome Luke!