Money 4 Life

Money 4 Life Financial Classes will increase your Financial Capability, which is a good thing! But, what, exactly are we talking about? Check out the video:

Being financially stuck is STRESSFUL. Money 4 Life is designed to get you moving from stress to success. We offer classes that are tailored to the financial realities of working adults. We know that you need practical, real-world information that will start making a difference today and Money 4 Life delivers it. (class schedule)

When you complete the workshops, you’ll have access to a zero-cost, zero-interest credit building loan provided by Lake City Bank—regardless of past history. That’s practical!

You will identify two or three actions that will dramatically change your financial reality, starting now. And you will have free access to one-on-one financial coaching that will give personalized support to your situations.

  • If you are stressed and feel like your money is out of control, or if you feel confident but could just use another set of eyes, Money 4 Life is for you.
  • If you have a great credit history, or if you know that you have some work to do to get your credit where you want it, Money 4 Life is for you.
  • No matter your situation, we’ve helped people like you experience success that once seemed only a dream.

Lacasa’s Money 4 Life is excited to work with you. We love watching you succeed! Find out what Money 4 Life is all about by contacting us or enrolling in an upcoming class.

United Way of Elkhart County’s generous support allows us to offer all of this to you free of charge. They believe in you and we believe in you. There are no restrictions. This is available to anyone from the area, regardless of your situation.