LaCasa’s staff are mission-driven and excellence-oriented. If you are looking for a supportive team and work that makes a difference, we welcome you to consider joining us. To read more about the experiences of Tessie as an employee, click on her names. To learn more about the advantages of working at LaCasa, continue scrolling down the page.

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The LaCasa Difference

There are a lot of job opportunities in Elkhart County and all of them have distinct pros and cons. As you consider your options, we encourage you to factor in the following:

  • Full-time LaCasa employees begin accruing Paid Time Off immediately
  • LaCasa employees consistently report high levels of satisfaction with their work
  • LaCasa is a small company with a team atmosphere where we root for everyone’s success
  • LaCasa has only had one layoff of one position since 2000. While many jobs in our area are vulnerable to economic downturns, employment at LaCasa comes with the security of working with a company with proven resilience to difficult economic conditions.