Anna Maria Haverstock heard about lacasa from a friend that told her if she was serious about
becoming a homeowner that she needed to contact lacasa; that lacasa had programs to help
people. Maria took this advice and got in contact with Chris Kingsley. Chris asked her to collect
the documents needed to qualify her for a matched savings account for homebuyers. She was
happy to hear that she had been approved.

Anna Maria Haverstock

Maria Smiles after closing on her home

Maria Haverstock with Kids and House

Maria and her kids at their new home

Maria would be the first to admit that lacasa’s program takes effort. It took lots of
commitment to come from Warsaw to appointments, attend classes and one-on-one coaching
sessions. But the benefits were huge for her and her children. She liked the classes, and
especially found the homebuyer class to be very useful.
Maria has enjoyed her time working with lacasa and found staff to be very responsive to her
many questions and concern. If she didn’t already have a job that she really enjoys, she’d like
to work at lacasa!
Here is how Maria expressed it:
“lacasa’s slogan is perfect. It really is helping families like mine. My daughter was running
around the house, opening each closet with excitement for our new home. This program
helped me achieve my goals faster. If it wasn’t for La Casa I probably wouldn’t have been able
to buy house comfortably for another year or two. La Casa put me in gear to do as much on my
end that I could. It was great motivation. When you have a program that says “Hey we want to
help you.” You CAN have security. You CAN become a home owner. You really CAN have a
home big enough for your family, how do you say no? You can do anything you set your mind
to, but it takes action, perseverance, a facing your fears. I’m turning my can’ts into CAN’S and
my Dreams into Plans.”
April 2016

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