JR Improves His Credit Score to Buy a Home with Help from Money 4 Life

JR was interested in buying a home, but the path forward was not clear. “I was starting to get into the market for buying a house and realized I didn’t know much about it at all. I realized I didn’t know why my credit score was the way it was and why it wouldn’t work to buy a house.” JR signed up for Lacasa’s Money 4 Life class to provide a clearer path to homeownership. He learned that saving for a new home would require little changes to make a big impact. “One, direct depositing some money out of my paycheck every month into an investment account. And I’ve taken my debit card and my credit card out of my wallet. I just allow myself cash every day and it helps a lot.”

These tools have started to make a big difference. JR said, “In the last 3 months my credit score has gone up 50 points. I’m not to the point where I can buy a house yet, but I’m still working on it. ” JR knows that homeownership will take time, but he knows he will own a home. JR said, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna buy a house. I don’t have a house in mind or a date that it will happen, but my credit score is going up and that’s the plan…I’m gonna make it happen.”