Maria Muha had a goal of home ownership when she came to Lacasa. She told us how she felt about her experience here.

“I have learned so much from Lacasa; Money for Life in particular.  Learning how to budget money… it has helped me so much.  All of the classes are very helpful.”

Going on, Maria added, “I never really had any big challenges along the way.  I just kept moving forward to reach my goal of homeownership.  Even so, I would not have been able to become a homeowner without the support and help I received from Lacasa.”

Maria’s counselor, Joel Zwier, asked what she thought people might be most surprised to learn about Lacasa. Maria answered, “Achieving your goals, learning to budget your money.  These are things that people may not know Lacasa can help you with.  I would encourage anyone who hasn’t worked with Lacasa to do so.  There is a whole lot to learn from this program!”

Finally, we asked how she feels about her experience working with the staff here.  Maria had this to say: “I feel excellent, so comfortable working with Lacasa.  They are so helping, with good advice and mentoring.  Staff at Lacasa make me feel like I am at home; they are family to me.”