Eduardo Cermeño told his Lacasa financial counselor, Joel Zwier, about his experiences on the housing market today.  “The housing market is very tight right now.  We made several offers on homes along the way that weren’t accepted.  We hadn’t realized that fact.”

He looked for help through Lacasa’s Financial Empowerment Center. “I really liked working with the Lacasa Own Your Home Now program.  I learned a whole lot about managing my money better.  I learned how to budget my expenses as well as saving more money to cover unexpected expenses.”

Eduardo was able to qualify for the IDA program.  “When we tell people about Lacasa’s matched savings account program and how it helped us reach our goal of owning a home, the majority don’t believe it.  They don’t believe that our funds are matched and it isn’t a loan.”

“I am not sure that we would have become homeowners on our own.  The help we received from Lacasa was very, very important.  That support came at a very opportune time.  We’ve been recommending Lacasa’s program to others.”

Satisfied clients are the best outcome—and our best advertisement. If you would like to find out more about the IDA program and whether you might qualify, call 574-533-4450 or check out .