When we asked what she most appreciated about lacasa, Jillian de Moya said, “What I appreciated about lacasa was that it was both respectful and empowering me towards financial management. That, and helping me attain home security by buying my first home.”

Jillian was an IDA client. The IDA is an Individual Development Account. It is subject to restrictions on how much money can be saved, how the money can be used, and how much income the client has. For those who qualify, it is a matched savings account that helps them get to home ownership more quickly. IDA clients take lacasa’s Homebuyer class and Money for Life, and some have at least three private financial coaching sessions. (For more information, visit https://lacasainc.net/programs/dream-savers/ .

Jillian never really experienced any surprises along the way to home ownership.  She stated, “lacasa helped explain things to me along the way.”  One challenge she faced was “disciplining myself financially, being responsible in my spending.”

When asked in what other ways lacasa had impacted her, Jillian said, “The homebuying class is just phenomenal; all the information given!  The financial coaching was also wonderful.”

Would she have accomplished this goal of home ownership on her own?  “I eventually would have gotten there, but, without the structure and guidance of lacasa, it would have been so much more difficult.”