Carl Rutt has been volunteering with lacasa on a weekly basis since April of 2016. We wondered what led him to offer to volunteer with us. “I have known about lacasa for many years, and have volunteered
on Help-A-House Day many times. It’s a fun social event, and it allows me to contribute to lower income
housing. I’m retired and I have the time. I come from 8:30-noon two times a week.”
He went on to tell what he liked about coming to volunteer with us each week. “I’ve mostly worked with (lacasa carpenters) Mark Morris and Shane O’Connell, and they’re very congenial. I like being physically active; I sat at a desk for many years! I like carpentry, and I’ve learned to do some new things here. I cut out a countertop not long ago. I never tried it before, but Mark trusted me, and I got it right the first time!”
Carl has spent most of his time at Goshen properties, especially Arbor Ridge and Lincoln West. “I’ve done some painting, installed some garbage disposals recently. My least favorite is washing walls! But I like feeling that I’m useful to other people.” Carl adds, “I would encourage men or women to give a few hours of volunteering. It’s a great place to build relationships, share stories, and learn repairs.”
lacasa is host to many volunteers who come once or twice a year and values these contributions. Many people may not be aware that lacasa also works with volunteers like Carl, who come regularly and connect deeply with the nitty gritty of helping families and improving neighborhoods. If you have interest, our commitment is to connect you with fulfilling opportunities that serve the mission and engage your talents. The next step is starting a conversation with Kate Irelan at [email protected] or 574-533-4450 x17.