IDA Counselor Joel Zwier says, “[Bethany Johnson’s] IDA account, which by the way was about the shortest timeline we have ever worked with for a State Fast Track account,” finished in less than a month.

Bethany mentioned the short time period as one of the advantages of working with Lacasa’s IDA program.  When asked if she could have achieved her home ownership goal without Lacasa, she answered, “Not on the timeline that I am able to purchase my home.  I would have had to wait more to save up the down payment and closing costs.”

Bethany continued, “I had a pleasant experience working with Lacasa.  The online classes in money management and for homeowners were helpful. Having the online option to do the classes was really helpful to me.  I live some distance away and I appreciated not having to come that distance to Goshen.”

Joel asked Bethany what she thought people might be surprised to find out about Lacasa. She answered, “How everyone generally cares, [and provides] the help to be able to reach your homeownership goal.”

Not everyone is in a position to complete an IDA program in a month, but we will be happy to work with you on YOUR timeline. Contact 574-533-4450 or click on