As hard to believe as it is, we are approaching the holiday season. It’s a time when a lot of us take time to appreciate our many blessings and think about how we can give from our abundance.

At lacasa, we’re aware that it’s easier to talk about greater impact than it is to accomplish it. We can only get as far as our community partnerships take us. Support takes various forms. We mentioned our need for volunteers. We also value participation on our board, in committee work and in advisory capacities. We always benefit from ambassadors who will spread the word and raise funds for lacasa. We’ll happily work with you to equip you to do this. Contact Chris at 574-533-4450 x16 or [email protected] to get more involved.

Monetary and in-kind gifts continue to be critical. They are more critical as the external funding environment continues to change. Our strategic plan recognizes a need for a broad and engaged base of stakeholders. Thank you for considering a year-end gift to lacasa. If you have not given before, we ask you to take the step of making a gift. If you already give, will you consider increasing your gift? Whatever you do, know that we are committed to faithfully deploying your investments to empower individuals, stabilize families, and revitalize neighborhoods.